This Website was prepared and written by W. Jason King, Nutritional Health Coach
and Nutritional Research Consultant (most active 1989 through 2011).

MY SERIOUS INVESTIGATION INTO NUTRITIONAL CELLULAR HEALTH  started in 1987 after finding that I had developed lung cancer. The pain hit like a red-hot branding iron a few days earlier on December 27, 1986. Up until that date I was a cigarette smoker for 26 years — it was on that date (due to the intensely severe pain that morning) that I once again knew I had to quit!! I must say that at this time I had no health insurance. By early February of 1987 (my cancer year) I had quietly obtained a health insurance policy with Kaiser Permanente. Shortly thereafter, an ugly cellular mass began growing upward just below the skin in my chest wall between two upper right-side ribs.

In thinking backthe severe pain and discomfort in my chest had begun to disappear as early as mid-February to March that year (1987). Even so, I did not realize at that time that my cancer may have begun to stop advancing. Please note that right from the outset of this difficulty, I seriously prayed to our Lord, Yeshua/Jesus, for help. ('Yeshua' is His Jewish name given to Mary by the archangel Gabriel. In Hebrew, Yeshua means salvation.) 

There is someone else that I must speak of. A few years earlier, I had become a good friend of a Christian woman (Cheryl Reed) who, by 1987, had 20+ years of serious study and experience in nutrition—used only for her personal needs and then for me when she made me her special "wake-up shake" 3 years earlier. After the pain in my chest hit me on that December 27th morning in 1986, I called Cheryl right away and asked what she thought. The first thing she said was, "Jason, STOP SMOKING!"—as she had advised me so many times before!

I announced that I had already filled all my cigarette packs with water and that, with God's help, I would never smoke again. This promise was never broken from that date on. During my call, Cheryl also advised me to go to a medical doctor as soon as possible. Which is what I did within the next few days.

After seeing a medical doctor (who was a member of our church), and considering his strong advice since I had no health insurance . . . "Go to the emergency room right away! They will help you even if you have no insurance" . . . I seriously considered his advice. But my having no health insurance weighed heavily on my mind. I had heard of the high cost of medical treatments for cancer! 

During that week I also met with other Christian friends in my church who worked in health care. That's when I learned more specifically about the many very costly procedures I was about to incur as a person without health insurance. This involved emergency room costs, biopsies, x-rays, oncology costs, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy costs plus all hospital costs. All the foregoing was associated with going that route—an allopathic* medical route without health insurance. At that time in 1986/87, this could easily cost more than $75,000 to $100,000+ just within the first couple months of treatments.

NOTE: The terms Allopathic and Allopathy are explained in detail in a few moments. 

After some considerable thinking and praying about my difficulty, and since I had no health insurance at that time, I decided NOT to obtain any mainstream medical treatments. Why did I do that? —because I had learned that lung cancer patients only had a 10% chance of success with all forms of what allopathic medical treatment offered—this meant a consistent 90% DEATH RATE. Although the pain was intense, it did begin to subside somewhat over the next couple of days. But not completely! 

It was about a month or so later when I reconsidered my situation and without disclosing my painful chest difficulty, I obtained a health insurance policy with Kaiser Permanente. This is why: If I had gone to an emergency room as an uninsured patient, I would have been deemed "uninsurable." In addition, I would have financially incurred more than I could afford to pay within the first month or two of medical treatments. But, if I lasted a year or more with my newly obtained Kaiser Health Insurance Policy (Kaiser Permanente, which I had obtained in February of 1987) in place and then went to Kaiser about the pain in my chest, they had to treat me as a 'vested' health insured patient with "no preexisting condition." That way, if I were able to hold off my painful condition for more than a year, I would not lose all I owned. I could also afford my funeral and burial at that time when, very likely, my lung cancer took my life. Well, that was what I had thought and that was my plan at that time! 

And so, as January 1987 began, I stopped any pursuit of a mainstream medical treatment method and simply tried to extend my life as long as I could by my nutritional adjustments. If I extended my life for a year or more, I would then go to my health care provider and ask for help. There was no doubt in my mind that this was my best course of action! After conferring with and knowing Cheryl Reed for several years—my well-studied nutritionist friend—I felt I had a reasonable chance to extend my life for that period of time. 

Of course, there was one very important point: as I learned what nutritional changes were needed, I could not play around with the time I had. I determined to really STAY WITH and DO what I learned!! 

Then, 9 months later, something completely unexpected happened. To my complete surprise, an amazing GOD CENTERED (His answer to my prayer), WHOLE FOOD ORIENTED, CANCER REMISSION began to take place. This was realized in September of 1987. Although the pain had mostly gone well before that time, I began to realize my cancer was going into remission. Just two months later (November of 1987), the ugly mass that had been growing upward through my chest wall actually disappeared. But I could still feel the large ball inside my chest and the extension that had also been causing some pain in my right shoulder right from the beginning—that was still there! 

In the following years (mid-1990s), I had finally gained enough knowledge—through my self-initiated and hard to find in-depth cellular nutrition education—to understand why my lung cancer went into remission. I had learned much about:

  • highly acidic processed foods versus natural, unprocessed Alkaline Foods,

  • how to systemically (bodywide) increase oxygen tissue levels with food and sustain those levels,

  • how to use the Blending of Whole Foods with Dietary Supplement Formulations in the making of SUPER FOODS inside a blender. 

  • and
  • how to easily enable Exercise—in useful daily amounts—on a mini trampoline (a.k.a. a "rebounder") to increase my lymphatic circulation while also increasing my oxygen levels all throughout my body. This is what I had intended for myself initially during mid-1987 without being completely sure my cancer cell mass would receive that increase. My findings and experiences using the rebounder are highly useful for most all seriously ill patients that can at least stand. 

Can you imagine the amazing Super-Powered Nutrition that was obtained by eating the produce obtained from the "Tree of Life" that grew in the Garden of Eden? And that was only about 6,000 to 7,000 years ago. Look it up at your local Christian church or synagog if you don't believe me. 

Basically, many other cellular disorders—under the "degenerative disease category"—could easily attain many life-enhancements or even full remissions noticeably quickly today. Cancer, heart and vascular diseases and diabetes along with a large list of other disorders found under the degenerative disease category are very uniquely and positively affected by going the nutritional route. In fact, poor nutrition is the unquestionable underlying cause of all degenerative disease—both in the womb and in today's children. NOTE: serious health problems listed under the degenerative disease classification are appearing at younger and younger ages. 

I have found CANCER can be STOPPED with certain food types 
of "God's Whole-Food Nutrition" within 30 to 45 days, 
even in Stage IV cancer patients who have

been sent home to die! 

Certain dietary supplements are needed at the same time daily.

At a minimum, LIFE EXTENSION along with PAIN REDUCTION

No DRUGS will be needed!!!

The above is a FACT and IT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE . . . 
—no matter what any medical doctor or State Medical Board says or dictates!

You know, the Same Creator who designed and made the plant foods in the ocean 
and on land for all life that "appeared" at certain time-intervals throughout the
past. You are a result of that Creation. Put His foods, nutrients and water
into your body and the rest will be self-evident, as I have seen
so many times since my own remission and cure from
​lung cancer beginning in 1987. . . and completed 
by 1991. Praise God ! !

The primary focus of this website is on the 
as I had experienced between 1987 — 1991.

All types of cellular ill-health conditions, including some of those obtained before birth while in the womb, are prevented and even reversed by a healthful change in lifestyle eating habits. I have been amazed at the many positive changes that took place in myself and in the many people that I had helped over the years (at little or no charge for my time and expenses) simply by changing their diet and adding dietary supplements. 

Naturally, one person's food and nutrient combinations aimed at cellular regeneration might be somewhat different than another person with heart disease . . or diabetes . . or hemorrhoids . . or a deadly gangrene condition within an extremity—of which I had an amazing experience with one client. 

Due to the many nutritional-based health experiences I have observed in my life beginning with my unintentional (I was simply trying to extend my life as long as possible), food-based, complete remission from lung cancer starting within 9 months in 1987, I will cover some other useful topics I have also learned while giving my health-coaching time to other very sick people. They include but are not limited to:

1...  A quick and permanent CURE for Hemorrhoids.
My personal experience with hemorrhoids was initially an experiment
on myself in 1987 as I began to understand the principles that
are based on using God's nutrition PLUS applying a
topical mix of natural substances.
Years later I applied my findings with several clients 
and it always worked effectively and quickly—ALWAYS!

Click here: Hemorrhoids(for my updated formula on this Website)

2...  The application of a combination of natural substances combined

with healthier foods for the remission and cure of most all 

vaginal and cervical cellular disorders, including 

infections and the reduction or elimination of

pre-cancer pap smears. This is given

for every woman's (young & old)


Initially, #2 above was discovered after coming to the aid of a woman who had worked for me and had asked for any helpful suggestions I could give her in relief of a vaginal infection. She was scheduled for a round of antibiotics starting the following week. My formulation eliminated any need of antibiotics or a doctor visit.

Click here to nutritionally address various Vaginal & Cervical disorders.
(Working on and in progress at this time.)

3...  The reversal or reduction in scope of the many health problems

associated with Diabetes—a diet-induced disorder. Under

this topic I will be speaking of what I have learned

through my nutritional research in helping my

clients with serious disorders, one being 

circulatory insufficiency and 

gangrene reversal

within 3 to 5

days !

Also of Importance to everyone:

My discoveries while in the study of Molecular Biology

in 1997 that offer one undeniable PROOF that 


This life we all enjoy—hopefully

most of the time—is no

accident ! !

You should realize that our primary plant foods (plant life in water and on land)

were all made to perfection for the health and enjoyment of all life . . .



A Quick Tech-Note . . A Testimonial from ME

In 1984 I had a unique experience with the nutritional counseling given to me by my fondly remembered friend, Cheryl Reed(-Goble). Her comments to me at times before my first nutritional counseling session were: "Jason, you eat awful!" In a half-kidding way she made that comment to me several times. Then, about a month or two after she had outlined a daily dietary supplement agenda for me, Cheryl made a super health shake that was intended to give me a boost in energy. That it did . . and greatly so . . but something more important happened! Cheryl's only requirement of me was to faithfully take her energy shake for a minimum of 30 days. And that I did. But after a month of taking her health shake each morning I noticed something else...

Within the first day, I noticed an amazing increase in energy over a longer period of time between meals. By mid afternoon I became only slightly hungry. The time between meals was highly unusual. That was after taking the shake and having eaten breakfast at about 7:30 AM. The days marched on and the same thing took place.

Then by the 33rd day I began to notice another surprising health benefit: my hair had stopped shedding in large amounts into my hairbrush. Now that was highly unusual. Within just a couple more months, all my hair began to thicken and even regrow within my hairline on the upper-front left and right sides. This was really noticeable since my hair had begun coming out more and more over the previous years. Cheryl's "Wake-up Shake," PLUS her dietary workup which included a wide assortment of dietary supplements that included minerals made it all possible! This energy and (hair restorative) health shake formula—hey, it worked for me—will be given on this website. 

                                                                                                                                           W. Jason King (wjk)


Please Note:

The writer/creator of does not now or in the past dispense medical advice or make diagnoses for the remission and cure of any illness or disease. This website is a result of my personal experiences and I was often amazed at the outcome. I greatly encourage all who attend this website to gain the same valuable nutritional insights I came to through prayer to our Lord and Creator and upon His very real guidance into my nutritional-health-researched outcome. Much of my more recent research is offered as "links" from this website to other websites that offer important educational and very useful nutritional health information as well.

Today, nutritional health information is going viral

For me, my super-natural experiences concerning my health began even prior to 1987, my cancer year. Starting in 1982, some very important nutritional insights were given to me a day after a serious auto accident (with amazing results) and then later in 1984 (see above, "A Quick Tech-Note . . A Testimonial from ME"). In other writings, such as in the "God's Power Nutrients" series I wrote in 1990 for those who subscribed to The Oasis newsletter of Calvary Temple in Denver, I explained and noted that 'God rattled my cage' nutritionally two times in the years preceding my cancer year. Then, after my cancer went into remission within just 9 months in 1987, I finally began to realize the highly effective power of "blending" God's unprocessed foods combined with certain higher-quality dietary supplements. I was learning that this nutritional combo was capable of producing a SUPER FOOD. Remember that statement!

God's design of His foods and nutrients, when applied to a human and animal ill-health condition, is simply amazing!! Actually, ALL LIFE is amazing when maintained by the use of God's whole, unadulterated foods and water. The short list must include herbs and, today, most dietary supplements! Hey, you don't see any animals in the wild getting sick and dying without a man-made cause, do you? 

Again . . any views and ideas expressed on are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical advice or services. Here in the United States, citizens and visitors to this country are considered "free" to openly discuss any subject that they wish including health care and their findings on anything aimed at the maintenance of or return to good health from any ill-health condition. The many positive findings that people have made and used successfully are continuously presented in thousands of magazine articles, books, audio and video recordings —and websites— all commonly available to us throughout the United States . . and now on the world-wide-web (the Internet).

This website is being produced within the framework of the Freedoms granted to ALL citizens of the "United States of America" (the full name of our country), under our U. S. Constitution, under which I fully qualify. I am referring to my freedom of speech and ideas helpful to my clients' education in their personal use of foods and nutrients. In the past, this was my attempt to enable ALL to return to a better or even excellent condition of health—no matter what disease or ill-health condition they had at the time they presented themselves to me for my nutritionally-oriented services.

Please NOTE that "my services" were NOT initially offered for a fee. And in the majority of cases, my clients often stated that they couldn't even afford my basic costs including: auto expenses, parking fees, on-site copy machine expenses, my book and medical article purchase costs and, at times, professional speaker fees all paid by me when researching a person's ill-health condition.

A combination of these costs were always involved while researching the most effective nutritional return to health as reported by and experienced by well-known professional medical practitioners in their books, medical journal publishings and lectures (which, again, I often attended at an expense for their lecture). Other than the time spent in my home-office on my client's health issue, my basic costs involved my car's travel expenses, looking into various publications found in local health food stores in the Denver and Aurora (Colorado) area and local libraries as far away as Fort Collins and, in the early years, the University of Colorado library in Denver (and spending $.25 per page on their copy machine—sometimes obtaining 25 to 50 pages on one subject). Whew! 

This is how I obtained a large book library along with a large file base on the subject of nutrition and health. In addition, I would make copies of portions of research papers and sections of various book publications on my own copy machine for my clients' packet which I always gave them to substantiate the reasons I made in my suggested nutritional protocols and dietary changes. On average, this would take a minimum of 10 to 12 hours for each client. I call them "clients" because I could not consider them patients


All visitors to this website, by reading through its webpages, agree here and now that they are responsible for their own actions and that each person can make up their own mind on the information they learn. If not, I must ask the visitor to STOP RIGHT HERE AND NOW and simply leave this website! 

No responsibility or liability is to be incurred by the author and maker of this website, or any person or entity referenced herein, with respect to any alleged loss or damage, directly or indirectly, received by the information obtained herein. In light of my findings in most instances involving degenerative disease, with respect to today's health care professionals in the United States, may I suggest that you seek the services of a nutritionally knowledgeable healthcare professional—if "allopathically based" they are sometimes referred to as a "Functional" or "Alternative" Medical Practitioner.

In all cases, allopathic* medical practitioners must obtain their nutritional health education on their own—meaning outside of allopathic medical school training.

*Allopathic, allopathy:  a system of medical therapy in which the symptoms of a disease or an abnormal condition are first diagnosed and then treated by creating an environment that is antagonistic to the disease or condition they are treating (Mosby's Medical Dictionary).

For example: 

  1. the drug industry, a "backer and controller" of the allopathic medical community, prepares a highly toxic chemotherapy-drug-cocktail to attack and kill a cancer with only marginal concern for the deadly consequences it causes throughout the rest of the body. The result of the use of chemotherapy is very poor indeed—only about 5% effective to all patients within 5 years after its use. It is important to note that chemotherapy drugs have NOT been tested in any real way for safety and effectiveness prior to their use!

  2. The use of radiation is cytotoxic to a cancer cell cluster but also causes localized radiation damage to nearby tissue. The newer "Cyber Knife" radiation technique has been found to be far better and safer. 

  3. Identified as "secondary cancers," both chemo and the majority of radiation therapies are known causes of cancer in and of themselves. In many cases, patients often die of these "secondary cancers" OR of the malnutrition produced by the loss of appetite during cancer treatments. 

    In addition,

  4. both biopsies and surgeries release cancer cells into the local tissue including the blood vessel and lymphatic systems. This is a fundamental fact of life and is a leading cause of cancer cell metastases seldom discussed or disclosed by a patient's concologist. 

FACT: there is no functional nutrition courses offered during the education of any allopathically trained medical doctor here in the United States! 

All licensed medical doctors practicing as oncologists for the treatment of cancer within the United States are ALLOPATHS. Allopaths receive almost no training in nutrition—often limited to the fundamentals involving "scurvy (a vitamin C deficiency), pallegra (a vitamin B3, niacin, deficiency) and anemia (commonly a vitamin B12 and iron deficiency). Allopathic medical schools give no training in the use of herbs and dietary supplements as "complementary medicines" in the prevention and remission of cancer or any other disease. 

But there is some hope for those in the professional allopathic medical community. Technical, highly-effective natural health courses, are available to the professional health care community by Jonathan V. Wright, MD, and Allan Gaby, MD, (and the general public at large as well). After my professional recording of Dr. Wright in 1992 or 1993, I purchased one of Dr. Wright's professional courses shortly thereafter for $300. It sits right behind me here in my computer room and it contains information that would change your thinking about dietary supplement use, especially when applied and added to foods—which, in general, doctors Wright and Gaby had not taught. But today I am sure that has changed. 

The mention of any serious disease, and my investigation into any illness presented on this website, is a testimony to the fact that there is now a pandemic of that illness here in the United States and around the world that trumpets the fact that the illness itself is simply a fact of life resulting in our present health care model. Three examples:  cancer, heart and vascular disease—which must include stroke and hemorrhoids under vascular disease—and then, diabetes. 

NOTE 1: If the allopathic health care community were successful in greatly reducing disease rates and the suffering of patients entering our present disease care system (the United States does NOT have a TRUE 'health care' system), there would be no need for a website such as this.

NOTE 2:  If the allopathic medical community were to commit themselves to a True Health Care Model by incorporating nutritional science into their medical courses and resultant Disease Care Treatments, a whole new world of medicine would be the result. Sickness and ill-health rates would, without question, plummet! And costs would go down as well. Without a diverse change to a True Health Care System, the Unites States of America WILL EVENTUALLY COLLAPSE! Why?

The cost of our highly-inefficient, allopathically-controlled, disease care system is unsustainable! 

Let me inform you of the cost of our present disease care system 
in the United States for 2015 alone:

$3.4 to $3.8 TRILLION DOLLARS! 

How much longer do you think we can afford this when the 
yearly health care costs by 2030 are expected to reach
$47 TRILLION for that year alone?
(Stated on a newscast in 2015) 

I have prepared a "U.S. Health Care Costs" chart that shows U.S. health care costs from 1929 through 2015. It is really quite a sobering disclosure of the very poor allopathically-controlled medical health care afforded us during that time—and it is still going on today (2017). 

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here are several other websites that may be of some help:

Dr. Stanislaw Burzyniski's website (link): 
Antineoplaston Cancer Therapy 

Life Extension Foundation 
of which I am a 20+ year member (link): 
Life Extension Foundation 
ask for their list of nutritionally-knowledgeable clinical practitioners

which includes "Functional" and "Alternative" educated medical practitioners.

Jonathan V. Wright, MD whom I met and recorded in 1992 (link):  
Alternative Therapies
(This fine man is an exceptional Functional medical doctor!)

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The concepts and ideas 

expressed on this website have not been evaluated

by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And rightfully so, since


employed by the FDA! That is NOT what the FDA does!

The FDA is a promoter/protector of the drug

industry and an antagonist against

the natural health industry.

Fundamentally, this means that the FDA is directly against any and all 

natural health remedies for the people of the United States of 

America!! The best thing for the citizens of the U. S. 

would be to remove the control of all foods and

nutrients out from under the FDA and make

a separate agency for the proper 

encouragement of true health 

care in the United States.

The above is a statement made by

this writer due to an official inquiry made into the FDA's 

"personnel employment" by Senator Orin Hatch at my request in 1994.

I know of no health beneficial changes in employment status

for those employed in the FDA since 1994.

If that had actually happened, it would have made both 

national and international newscasts! Well, at least I hope it would.

At that time in 1994, Senator Orin Hatch learned that no "nutritional-health credentialed" employees were found anywhere within the employ of the Food and Drug Administration. Senator Orin Hatch made this employment inquiry at the FDA just after I had edited and rewritten:


The Technical Summary of the 
Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

(This Summary is found in the Congressional Register of 1994.) 

In addition, several organizations who were associated with Senator Orin Hatch's health care revival battle in 1994 had been sent a copy of my Technical Summary from Senator Hatch's office. Passage of DSHEA was in direct response to 6 million citizens of the United States who had contacted the U.S. Congress in response to the Drug Industry's attempt to (1) take over the Dietary Supplement Industry and reclassify dietary supplements as drugs and (2) limit and stop America's increasing use of Dietary Supplements. This was and STILL IS due to the many positive scientific findings on Nutrition as applied to Health Care due to dietary supplements.

At that time in 1994, the Drug Industry was attempting to gain control over dietary supplements and then deem them the same as "drugs." In that way, the ONLY way someone could obtain a "functional amount" of any individual dietary supplement would be through a prescription from an ALLOPATHIC medical doctor!

But beware if that ever happens!

As a consequence, the newly acquired (taken over politically) dietary supplement industry by the ALLOPATHIC DRUG INDUSTRY would then have to go through massive testing and further research. Of course, no company could undertake this financially since no patent over an individual supplement could ever be attained. On top of that, the newly acquired dietary supplement industry would NOT BE a welcome guest in the world of allopathic (drug) medical treatment since, if properly used, it would far out-perform any use of drugs. And THAT the drug industry does not want! 


If dietary supplements were deemed a drug . . 

. . most every patient's medical doctor, under each State's licensing requirements, would be working with no formal training or financial interest in prescribing "nutritionals" (foods and complementary medicines) for any ill-health condition. If they tried to treat outside their licensing procedures, they could be open to loss of their license to practice by State Medical Boards. In addition, if supplements were actually classified as drugs, this would eventually turn the citizens' self-treatment of disease into a crime as people would turn to growing certain plants for their nutritional and health improvement value—and some would turn to selling them. Here is a historical fact: the FDA was asked by the drug industry to deem cherries a drug. 

REFERENCE: Do you remember the FDA's threat against the Cherry Growers Industry to reclassify cherries as a drug? 

It wasn't too long ago that the cherry industry announced proven scientific findings on the Internet that "a highly useful food compound in cherries was identified to reduce the incidence of disease." In response to those truthful statements, the FDA threatened the small Cherry Growers' Farm Industry that they would reclassify the cherry as a drug if the Cherry Growers Industry continued their science-based informational and educational notifications. To stand by their findings and go up against the U.S. Government (the FDA), it would cost millions of dollars and the case may most-likely be lost since the U.S. Government has an almost unending source of funding against anyone they fight against with the use of taxpayer dollars. 

If the FDA had actually moved to reclassify the cherry as a drug, it would then begin a series of events that would result in deeming other super-health promoting foods (such as—blueberries) and herbs and spices (ginko biloba and turmeric) into drugs as well. As the past shows, other nutrient-dense foods would be next after that. I think I know what the American people (the taxpayer) would do with that FDA action. I and millions of other citizens would demand that "Foods and Dietary Supplements" be removed from under the present FDA's control. Naturally, in a free society that would end the present FDA's control of natural health care. Eventually the end result would make it what it should be, The Drug Administration. 

And what was the reason for threatening and even putting foods under a drug classification in the first place? It was to reinforce and maintain the Drug Industry's CONTROL over the American people (you and I). Those same millions of people are a needed source of revenue for the Allopathic Medical Industry! When closely examined, this is called a "Dictatorship"!! Oh, you don't think so? —Well, you had better THINK AGAIN!!

From the Life Extension Foundation website, a non-profit organization since 1980 . . .
Ref: (click on this link) (cherries and the FDA)

Another article on this same subject: (this is different, click on this link) 

This is quite enlightening when you read the entire story. 

A quote from one of the articles:  "On October 17, 2005, the FDA banned information about cherries’ health benefits from appearing on websites.(Ref 16,17) The FDA sent warning letters to 29 companies that market cherry products. In these letters, the FDA ordered the companies to stop publicizing scientific data about cherries.(Ref 18) According to the FDA, when cherry companies disseminate this information, the cherries become 'unapproved drugs' subject to seizure. The FDA warns that if those involved in cherry trafficking continue to inform consumers about these scientific studies,  criminal prosecutions will ensue.(Ref 17)

All this is happening NOW because the general populace and healthy food growers have become timid, disheartened and even fearful of our government. But why? I thought our Government was the backbone and foundation of the American Spirit of Freedom, right? Well, not any more!!! Today certain industries and individuals have infiltrated and gained strong control of agencies within our government. Included in all this mayhem are some Senators and House Reps.

Term limits are drastically needed at the Federal level in the House of Representatives! 

The thinking within our United States Government today is not consistent with the citizens' foundational rights documented within our U.S. Constitution. You've heard of this Document, haven't you? It's called The United States Constitution! And more to the point, most citizens know what it says, right? Well, not so!! Hey, it's the underlying foundational freedom document of our country located under bomb-proof glass in the Capital Rotunda in Washington, DC! If you would like to see what it actually says, see the next line.

(click on the following link)  The U.S. Constitution


If the Allopathic Drug Industry ever took over the Natural Health Industry and allowed allopathic medical doctors the ability to "prescribe a dietary supplement" . . .

Major changes in Law would have to be made when a medical doctor makes an attempt to use any complementary medicine (food combo with dietary supplements). Without a thought to what is right or wrong, it all boils down to dollars and cents in the Drug Industry and answering to those in control under our present Dictatorial Perpetual Illness Industry.

Please note that there is NO INTENT for a cure for any illness under the present medical model! This is true especially in the case of cancer because a true cure, at the cost of simple changes in nutrition alone, would effectively and inexpensively end the cancer industry! And after just a few years, millions would have returned to work and supporting their families. 

In the above scenario of deeming dietary supplements or even foods a drug, most all health food stores would close because it would be illegal to supply a prescription drug to the public. If this condition were allowed to be maintained (would the public outcry and anger be loud enough?), disease rates would quickly increase. The few health food stores that remained open would be required to limit any sale of any nutrient being purchased to an extremely small and ineffective dose per tablet or capsule. And all formulations that use a combination of those nutrients would be eliminated for production within a dietary supplement company. Without even the smallest doubt, if allowed to continue this would be the final chapter in the history of the United States of America. In a very real sense, the treatments will kill its host!!! (As surgeries, chemo and radiation therapies often do to the patient within or about—before or after—five years of onslaught.) 

My clients' worsening condition of ill-health was often the end result after years of trotting along with the medical establishment in an attempt to treat and dislodge a disorder that had its underpinnings in malnourishment. Most all DEGENERATIVE DISEASE has its underpinnings in MAL-NOURISHMENT!! In the majority of all malnourishment cancer cases I had worked, the medical doctor's patient had been deemed incurable OR . . their health was getting worse with all prior treatments attempted by their allopathic medical doctors. 

FACT:  Please note that cancer and most all other degenerative diseases are a result of long-term malnourishment caused by what you eat and what you don't eat. And you are absolutely right if you thought allopathic disease treatment was an expensive, laborious, and often painful undertaking. Allopathic medicine is limited to symptoms treatment, it is NOT aimed at resolving the underlying cause of the disorder. Addressing the underlying cause is vehemently (violently in many cases) outlawed. Vigorously addressing the underlying cause will almost always entail changes in diet and adding various dietary supplements. 

While undergoing strong nutritional therapies, the opposite of the above would quickly be realized. I have been witness to seriously ill people being relieved of serious pain and incapacitation and to begin to quickly heal from the inside out. In my experience with serious health disorders, this can begin in 30 days or less!!! That includes the cancer patient! 

The majority of those who heard of me in the mid-1990s were in the churches I attended in the Denver/Aurora Colorado area (Calvary Temple, Faith Presbyterian and others). The answers I researched and supplied to each client were successfully used by qualified professionals in the field of alternative medicine for the prevention, remission, or even the cure of the diseases and ill-health conditions my clients sought relief from. My client simply had not heard of all these health improvements due to the suppression of that information in the media by the drug industry and the FDA — resulting from the Dictatorship of the Allopathically-based Medical Industry.

Upon my research, I always recommended buying the books I had found that addressed my client's condition. I supplied, to each of my clients, copies of the cover and back pages of the book that I found to contain the appropriate answers. There were always more than one publication. I personally had to purchase the publications so as to be able to fully understand what the author(s) had discovered and presented. I learned a great deal through all this study and I own quite a large health library as a result! 

Please note that the person helping anyone in a serious ill-health condition had better have a strong background in the study of nutrition and health. 

As is usual when working with a client, I specifically adjusted their diet to eliminate all sugar and junk foods along with liquids containing sugar and sugar substitute chemicals. I must add that this meant the elimination of all highly processed foods—including ALL meat due to its inclusion under the "acidic" classification. Did you know that chemotherapy is extremely and massively "acidic?" 

My clients would often ask, "Well then, what else is there to eat?"

Everyone of those malnourished sick people had no idea what "real" foods (and nutrients) actually were and what our Creator had specified to eat in the ancient books of the Bible. And yes, real "organically grown foods" do cost more since they are not used in mass in the majority of processed food products. My clients also had no idea of what was needed nutrient-wise to enable their bodies to first repair and then to return their cells back to a healthy condition. (An "A-C-E"(vitamin) bandage would always be a great start!) In response to their questions, I would show them what foods God designed in His vast nutritional arena to help in their particular problem and to enable a reasonably quick return to good or better health. I also showed my clients how to prepare those foods and nutrients for easier digestion and absorption (a strong super-blender is needed here). I never "treated" any specific disease, I simply brought my client back to health through a wide assortment of God's foods and nutrients only.

Naturally, the underlying condition of health that they had when coming to me had to be accurately ascertained through a series of questions. Their answers enabled me to move accurately in the right direction from the outset! Although the fundamentals have similarities, someone with a severe intestinal disorder such as colitis must be addressed differently than someone with a disruptive mood disorder during their monthly period. Yet there are many similarities in the resultant protocols. 

The vast majority of my clients were not charged for my time and/or expenses beginning in 1988/89 and continuing up to and through the early 2000s. I can only say that I felt the leading of my Lord and my God, especially when I saw that the foods and nutrients He led me to did SO MUCH to restore their health so quickly. It always amazed me when a highly malnourished person was so quickly restored to a much better level of health—even those in Stage III and Stage IV of cancer. And several dying cancer patients that did not recover fully, lived for years longer with little to no pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, it was a return to the Standard American Diet that did them in. 

Since I no longer have an income to fall back on, it is no longer possible for me to do all this research and the making of formulations for free. And I could never accomplish the work I do within a very large client-base of very sick people—after all, I am NOT a practitioner. That is why I have assembled and produced this website. 

My interest today is to present nutritional health trainings to companies and corporations anywhere in the United States. I would speak to their employees in a large group environment on how to use God's foods and certain nutrients in ways that could only result in an improvement in health. 

For continuation on this subject of FDA abuse,
please refer to another page on this website titled  
(click on) The Drug and Health Insurance Industries

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W. Jason King, NHC
~  Nutritional  Health Coach  and Research Consultant ~
29 Years as a Nutritional Health Coach and Nutritional Health Consultant (1988—2017)


I must inform you right now that the ugly mass mentioned above went into (unexpected) REMISSION within 9 months (September) of that year. Please realize I had no idea this would happen. The reason I believe all that took place is because I kept adjusting, changing and improving my body's nutritional health as I applied what I learned in books, encyclopedias and lectures on nutritional cellular health and from a number of experts who were offering nutritional health teachings at that time. Some of those lectures were free as with those given by multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. I also attended other nutritional health teachings at a cost. Fundamentally, this all important information included the elimination of:

  • sugar and sugar-laden products including all sugar-substitute drinks,

  • foods that start with white flower,

  • foods that contain white (processed) rice—whole brown or wild rice was okay

  • excessive amounts of sodium (small amounts of mineral rich sea-salt was okay),

  • all junk foods and any food that contained unnatural chemicals,

  • all meat and meat products

  • I began juicing much of the fruit and vegetable produce I consumed.

Yes, I did all that and . . . I stayed firm with my changes!! 

The Miracle of a Healthy Life and 

Longevity is found in the ​foods you eat!    You eat to feed your cells—
              when your cells are healthy,
             your body is healthy!

God created all mankind to be free from disease 
when consistently consuming HIS foods
PRIMARILY from vegetarian sources.